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Bolton Top With Goal Of Season Contender

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I've not seen the goal but it won't win goal of the season, thta'll go to some tap in from a "big 4" side.

A few years back the Portsmouth guy (Taylor?) was robbed by a Scholes goal if I remember correctly.


Just seen it !

That's some goal but as I say some spanner that played for pool or Utd etc will tell you he was crossing it really and therefore it's crap.


Almost forgot.



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Christ... surely he didn't mean that?? :dontknow:

Didn't think so at the match but I was at the other end, but he does smash it which hardly suggests a cross?


Then again, really not sure, he does tend to try and fire in low hard crosses, I think the bounce was taking it away from him and he lashed it hoping it would fire across the goal, doubt it was meant, really doesn't matter, becasue he scored, and as Johnstrac says, he has no chance whatsoever of winning G.o.t.S. becasue he playes for Bolton anyway. :dontknow:






And I think this is a good spot for a gratuitous :lolrangers:

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pick that ene oot! ooocha b*stard. thats got to be a contender for GoS


There is no way on earth he meant that. Surely to win GoS then it has to be meant. No flukes allowed.


Alonso on the other hand nearly scored one. Ala David Beckham, he wasn't far away, if that had gone in they might as well have given him the award there and then.


I agree with the point about Matt Taylors goal not winning GoS. Shocking decision, it was an absolute peach. Steward's enquiry needed.

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Im not sure you know. While i dont think he expected it to go in, i think the intent was there. He hasnt tried to cross it in, its driven. If it were a driven cross, he wouldnt have put any height on it hoping that it would hit either anyone and rebound into the net. Hes sliced aross it and got under it to give it loft. Watch the way he rotates his arms for balance.


So, either hes meant it....or hes got his technique for the driven cross completely wrong and got extremely lucky. Id always lean towards the intent idea just because i want to believe players are good enough to intentionally do that kind of thing.


Anyway, back to previous GoS; i wasnt keen on taylors that season. it was a hit and hoper because of the goal he scored against sunderland, more about luck than reasoned intent and picking your target.


While i dont think Scholes' one was necessarily GoS, it required pin point execution and flawless technique.


scholes - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vQXrMbArqSs&...feature=related


taylor - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yjFGdRRlt90&...feature=related


hmmmm, to be fair, Taylors is better than i remembered.


funny how you can remember specific goals though without youtube links.

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hes got his technique for the driven cross completely wrong and got extremely lucky.


correct. you've won a watch.


Taylor knew exactly what he was doing, it was never a hit and hope. I think he scored a similar one in the same season:


Another one by Taylor


I think Taylor's a great player and was suprised when he never really got the chance he deserved at Pompey and then they sold him.

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