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Wales U21 On Sky Sport 2

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if you arent watching anything important just now, flick over and check them out.


the so called "golden age" of welsh football who if they can beat Romania tonight are almost guaranteed a place in next summers u21 championship. 1st major tournament for wales since 1958.


Guarantee at least half these players WILL make it into the big time in the next few seasons.

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aye, Ched started for man city on saturday and looked good. If he can cut out the billybigtime attitude he could he a top player in a few years.


Gareth Bale tonight looked a very good prospect. Always wanted the ball and was trying to lead the team. Shame he cant actually shoot or Wales might have got a draw.


Then youve got Ramsey, Gunter, Vokes, Hennesey, Ledley, Nyatanga. Lots of very good young players who have been groomed behind the scenes and are just about ready to play on the big stage.


And still........



Rugby is the no1 sport with only about 1/4 of the millenium being filled against Germany. Jokes.

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