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Carling Cup

Co-op Ins Cup


Ohhh, Newcastle conceded a late equalizer at Coventry. Board went up for 2 minutes and Coventry scored in the 3rd minute of injury time. Keegan not happy but when they announce the injury time they always say "a minimum" (I believe) so its up to the ref to decided when to blow the whistle after the minimum time has been played when he sees fit.

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i went to the cowden jute game the night, referee was a joke linesman were a joke, he gave united absolute everything, cant see levein moaning about the decisions the night, ok it was only cowdenbeath they were playing, the first goal they got a corner when i think it was daly who had a shot at goal, hit it at a fare pace no deflection, we think the referees are bad at our level should see them at cowdens level.

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