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Jamie 'the Hardman' Carragher

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When my leg was broken in an horrific tackle by Lucas Neill in September 2003, my mates were ready to hunt him down if I gave the go-ahead.


A few weeks later I received a phone call. "You won't believe this, Jay. We're in the Trafford Centre and Lucas Neill is walking straight towards us. What do you reckon?"


Did I really want Neill to take a crack? "There's only one problem," added the voice. "Little Davey Thommo is with him."


That was that. I could hardly let one of my best mates, David Thompson, now a Blackburn player, become a witness to an assault. Besides he'd have recognised the attackers. The impromptu mission was aborted and I sent a text to Thommo telling him Neill should give him a hug of thanks.


As word got back to Blackburn about the near miss, or should that be hit, their coach Terry Darracott, a Scouser, appealed to one of my friends to call the boys off. I agreed.




I now hate him more than ever, it also gives you part of the reason why Neil never went to Liverpool last season.

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Guest LondonScottish
MiniJC in another shocked and disgusted thread. Honestly what an al wifey you are.


Except what Carragher said is shocking. A professional footballer intending to have a hIt carried out on a fellow professional for a bad tackle. I hope he gets the book thrown at him by the FA.

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MiniJC in another shocked and disgusted thread. Honestly what an al wifey you are.


As it happens, carragher is a w*nk, pathetic story and it sounds made up

AYe, that's right he made the whole thing up just to try shift his book :crossfingers: He has also mentioned another things to the press about which makes me hate him even more, like how he went for Song in training because he laughed at him then goes on to tell how his dirty mates and brothers canna get a job. It's a shame, maybe he can get them a job touting tickets.

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Guest LondonScottish
To sell his book.



He's not going to make that much money off a book, and if the FA do come down on him, any profit he hoped to make from its sale will disappear. The guy is an idiot.

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