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Scotland Game

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My dad follows Scotland and I'm quite pissed for his benefit. I wouldn't be watching it, but Saturday - this is someone who has had Sky from like the 6th week it actually came out in this country, and he's gone through all the packages, Sky (the one where you could watch the sneak preview of Playboy after WWF pish on a Friday night) / Sky Plus / Sky HD - he pays a fortune for it, getting the box installed, they have Sky Plus upstairs, so 2 boxes, paying Sky a hefty amount of cash. He's full package and has been for years, and when he realised the game was on Setanta, he phoned them up and said can I just pay
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I cancelled SKY (and OF Sport last year) because of the frigging ridiculous expense of it all, and the fact I was watching pish English fitba just because it wa son. It's just not worth what they charge, so now I'll head to the pub when Scotland are on (and don't clash with England as I've no chance down here), or the Dons (if it doesn't clash with an English game - same reason) or Bolton. I'll still be quids in, plus I get away from the wife for a couple of hours. :ThumbsDown:


If I went to the pub to watch the fitba I'm sure I'd spend more than my monthly satellite subscription each time I went, the last part of your argument is sound though :angry2:

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