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Brazil Vs Bolivia

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never have i watched a brazil match and felt like none of the players could get a game for aberdeen but jesus christ, every single player out there has been a disgrace tonight.


Playing at home to a Bolivian side whose best player is the 34 year old Jaime Moreno who is so far past it, hes almost a spectator. I didnt even know he still played. Bolivia have lost 29 of their last 33 away games and never won. Bolivia also had a man sent off for a nothing challenge early in the 2nd half and you wouldnt know it at all. Theyve also conceeded 16 goals in their last 4 games.


Brazil have only failed to score against them once before since records began....but this has been a shambles.


Ronaldinho was pathetic. Every corner and freekick was wasted and either went miles off target or straight into the keepers hands. It got to the stage where he was being jeered by his own fans everytime he got the ball.


The highlight for me came in the 80th minute when the Rio crowd started booing their own players as they were on the attack with most of their players up. Bolivia break down the wing and the crowd went wild. Remember, Brazil are at home and their own fans are cheering like theres no tomorrow for the away team.


Itll be repeated on sky sports at some point today so watch out for the 2nd half, its been poor but its great to see. Cant remember who the commentator was but line of the night was "i havent seen a team play like this since i was on the school playground. Brazil are allover the place"

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The thing is Brazil NEVER start well in these sort of competitions, but when it comes down to it they always manage to scrape through or turn it on when they need to!


Jaime Moreno - I remember that name. He played for Alaves in the UEFA Cup final 2001 and scored a couple of good goals.




that was javi moreno who played a few times for spain. jaime moreno was at middlesbrough many moons ago and the dons had a look at him but there were work permit problems which killed any potential move.

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