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As Nancy V Motherwell

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Hope they get hammered. Got a mate who's a Well fan and he's a cocky git. Reckons they can easily outdo our Euro efforts from last season. :laughing:


I find it very hard to imagine a non old-firm team outdoing AFC last season in the near future. Even if AFC were to qualify for next season I'd be realistic to think group stages would be a great achievement.

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Mcghee on North tonight saying that Motherwell UEFA cup tie has reminded him of the games he used to play for Aberdeen in Europe and he now appriciates the good job that Aberdeen did last season.


Saw that - he seemed quite excited about their trip abroad. Also saw in the papers today that he had done his homework on Nancy in a similar way Fergie used to for us against the European opposition in the 80's.

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I wouldn't mind them getting into the group stages for the Scottish football rep and coefficient...


I would also like to see them draw all four or 3 draws and a loss - without qualifying - just so they don't embarrass Scotland but still don't achieve what we did last season.


the huns have already done that. too late

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Mixed feelings about this:


If they do well - They get money and makes our run last season not seem as great an achievement but they will have a big fixture list piling up which would help us finish above them in the league hopefully.


If they go out early - The complete opposite of what I've said above.


Not too bothered either way. Depends what sort of mood I'm in, ha ha.

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Guest the shepherd

If Motherwell play the way they did last night again at Fir Park they have absolutely no chance of going through - they were woeful. ;) I hope they do not progress as I couldn't give a monkeys how other Scottish teams do in Europe and also further underline how well Aberdeen done last season :laughing: by getting to the last 32 against a team that had spent close on

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Well, I had a wee smile on my face last night seeing Motherwell get absolutely destroyed for long spells by Nancy. I'm happy that they've not gone through for the main reason that it just shows how well we did last season getting beyond the group stages. UEFA cup doesn't make a great deal of difference for co-efficients in comparison to champions league so not overly concerned by that.

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