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Lads Club Quitting Junior Footy

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I see Ladser aint entering the Junior league next season. Will the league then look to one of the amateur teams to step up a grade. There are a few amateur teams that are miles better than quite a few of the junior outfits.

Echt apparently applied already, but they have to move their pitch and stuff in order to be eligible. The locals were revolting when the idea was aired by the club, so it may not happen. Echt shouldn;t move up anyway, they haven't the backing or support to justify it.

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Hilton, a new amatuer team tried to apply to enter straight into the amatuer premier league, because the majority of their team came from juniors/highland league. They are subsequently romping division 3 and may try to enter juniors.


Oh I suppose the amateurs should have changed the rules for them eh?

Never mind maybe the Juniors will?

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There are a handful of Amateur sides that could realistically move into the Junior leagues, but I'd have to ask why they would want to?

If their players were good enough and had ambition to play junior then they would in all probability be there already. There are loads of players in the Amateur leagues that are good enough, but for one reason or other decide that they can't be xrsed playing at a higher level. Work, family, mates, any number of reasons.


For the life of me I cant understand why a load of ex juniors and highland league players would come back into amateurs with intention of taking a club into the juniors. I doubt very much that is their goal.


Which Amateur clubs in recent times have made the move?

Only ones I can really think of are Culter, and Cove Rangers who bypassed Junior alltogether and went straight to Highland League from Amateurs.

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