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Nigerians Bid For Newcastle

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The Nigerian consortium hoping to buy Newcastle United has told the BBC it has presented its bid to the club.


The group is one of several thought to be interested, but is the first to announce it has tabled an offer.


The man fronting the bid, UK-based businessman Chris Nathaniel, refused to confirm the size of the offer.


"We can't at this stage, that's confidential between ourselves and Newcastle, but a bid was put in on Friday evening," he said.


"There's been no timeline given by Newcastle but we hope it will be sometime soon."


Previous reports suggested the Nigerian group had raised

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Guest the shepherd

I couldn't care less if they are bought or not but at least this will finally put this topic to bed. Newcastle United are a joke team and will be relegated at the end of this season :dontknow: . At least next season they may be in with a chance of winning something the Championship to finally win a domestic trophy since 1955. I am sick to death and bored of hearing about this so-called big team on the news :sleeping: .

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