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Tims Record In Cl

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Just saw that arse McDonald blaming the rest of the SPL for Celtic not making a bigger impact in Europe.


Did I hear the commentator say on the wireless tonight that it is also approx. 770 minutes (maybe nearer 800) since Celtic scored a goal away from home in CL !!


Going by McDonalds statement you would think with all this domination that they would be good at scoring goals and surely to christ they could get at least 1 :ThumbsDown:

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HAHA the guy on ITV "I don't understand how a team who play week in week out and who study the oposition can be that bad". On about celtic.


BTW celtics record is 1 draw in 18 games as two were knock outs so it is kind of 1 point in 54. What a world beating team.

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