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Richie Byrne: Learning From Jimmy

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"It wasn't really down to bad play - it was just a couple of silly mistakes."


Oldham's Richie Byrne gets confused about the definition of "bad play" after the Latics throw away a two-goal lead at Hartlepool.




Sounds just like something JC would say.


Edit: Have to say, its nice to post about Byrne in the All Other Football Chat section rather then the AFC/SPL section :thumbs:

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Surely must have signed, as I thought trialists weren't allowed to play in competitive fixtures..?


Found a story on SSN website that says he signed a one month deal on the 8th of September. He came on with like 15 minutes to go and the score was 3-3 by that point so he didn't have a role in any of the goals Oldham let in but I'm sure he'll be involved at some point soon for them.

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