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Alex Rae

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Damn shame that - he had the full backing of United fans. The wee team in turmoil is always a good thing. :thumbup1:


Gordon Chisholm and/or Billy Dodds for manager.



Are you no' in the wrong place ?


Nicholl's name being bandied about as possible replacement. Wouldn't be good news if he went.

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In the Sun today there was an advert for the Dundee Managers position, open to all members of the public apparently. Guy at work is a Dundee fan and says it wasn't even a joke, it was an actual job advertisement on one of the sports pages :hysterical:


Yip and think I may apply for a laugh listing all FM/CM achievements as well as real CV/Covering letter. Applications to be in by Friday, going to try to at least get a reply!

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Get those CVs in people.


Here's my effort I e-mailed earlier:(with attached CV)


I am writing to express an interest in the vacancy you have advertised for First Team Manager at Dundee Football Club.


I have good hands on experience of managing football teams, this coming from my time playing the Championship Manager and Football Manager series of games, which have increased my training skills, tactical knowledge and of course ability to handle players.


Honours have included winning Scottish Cups and League Cups with Aberdeen FC but perhaps the greatest achievements have come in leading Peterhead FC to the SPL from Division Two and then in a second stint as boss, taking them to within 3 points of the SPL and to a Challenge Cup Final on a shoestring budget.


I also have an HND in Communication which I completed at Aberdeen College and this has helped me develop strong interpersonal skills and has helped me ascertain a good understanding with people, so handling the media would not be a problem.


I feel I have a lot to offer as I have learned a great deal from the course and from my jobs, which have given me the experience of dealing with all sorts of people in all walks of life. I

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Got this reply today:




Thank you for your application for the above post, which was advertised a few weeks ago.


We had numerous applications of a very high standard and were unable to interview all applicants.


Unfortunately in this instance you were unsuccessful. However may I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our Club.


Niccole Ney



Dundee Football Club

Dens Park Stadium



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they showed some dundee highlights a wee while ago on telly, and he's one of these manic weirdo spitters. He was standing there with his arms folded constantly spitting. i can't see how dundee have the nerve not to interview everybody who applies for the job, as alex rae obviously has a mental problem.

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