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Let It Go Lads!

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Absolutely livid this morning as SSN again go over the hand of god, and then show banners from Hampden as if it's the Scots whop have contrived this nonsense this last couple of weeks. Cut back to the studio and smug arse Mike says "Let it Go Lads". :sheepshag:


I had to fire an email to SSN but of course no chance they would actually read it out


Dear Mike,


You have to be joking surely? The Tartan Army didn't care about "the hand of god", but never has a Scotland game got so much coverage from the English biased media, not of course because of anything to do with Scotland, but because of some karama (as Maradonna himself so rightly pointed out) that befell the English national team 22 years ago.


So what does the Tartan Army do? Respond to this nonsense by poking more fun at you, and then you have the audacity to tell US to let it go? You're having a laugh!


And while we're at it, good to see Mardonna still running rings round Terry Butcher, Butcher has been an embarrassment and disgrace to the Scottish team this week, and should be shown the door. He clearly shows no understanding or empathy with the team (or fans) he's supposed to be coaching.



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got ot agree here FS.


watching BBC news last night and i couldnt beleive it. the english reporter started reporting on our games 1ST. then i realised why, he didnt mention burley or any of the scots. he only talked about maradonas boys and the argies for 2 minutes then went staright to the england game.


and they think we are obsessed

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