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Everton V Villa

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Quality chant that Villa have...

Paul McGrath ma lord, Paul McGrath........then next verse...

We're on the piss ma lord...

It's your round ma lord....

Istanbul (least I think that's what it is, dunno why??) ma lord....



We need a variation of chants tbh other than the usual 3 or so which get boring after not very long!

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Guest LondonScottish
What a brilliant bit of football at the end their from Villa great finish from Young.



Great play by Young, but did he wear that get-up for a bet in his interview. Suit, shirt undone, biggest tie not, woollen prada hat, and the biggest f@ck-off speakers?

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Looked a great bounce when Everton scored only to have it all snatched away seconds later.


If that happened to us in an important game then it'd take me ages to get over it.



That was like me after the Celtic SC QF @ Pittodrie last season....thought we'd blown our chance of a final seen as the winner of the tie drew QoS in the semi's...yea....anyway :jmg: :checkit:

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