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World Club Championship

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Adelaide / El Ahly and Obama select or whoever they are.........not exactly teams that are going to be a challenge for Man Ure are they?


Australia football is one of the best leagues in the world? Surely there is something better than that.


www.goalzz.com is what I use to just check the score.......second half, still 1-0 Adelaide.


if i'm honest i couldnt care less. Man Utd or who ever is from south america will probably win it.


i honestly didnt even know about it till i noticed a guy reading about it on the bus this morning

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No catching up to do over the past 20 years man united are country miles ahead of any other team in the country no other english club has won 2 european cups in this time :unsure: and no english team has win 11 league titles.


The best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be :)

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