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Give Them A Break.

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I now feel sorry for referees. Shock horror yes I know but really, I do.


I was referee for the 5th vs 6th years game at my school today, and I volunteered to be ref (despite being a 5th year).


Barely had to blow my whistle, but it's really hard to make decisions. I made a few really dodgy ones, but just told them to play to my whistle.


Unfortunately I had to abandon the game after 35 minutes due to severe coldness, rain and gale force winds.


But the point I'm making is that it's really hard to be a ref. Was getting absolute dogs abuse from my peers the second I made a decision.


I'll not be so unfair to the ref from the stand next time now...well, unless he makes a dodgy decision e.g. abandon the match :poster_oops:

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