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Mark Hughes

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Don't think Hughes is to blame here. Far too many duds still in that Man City team. Hughes did only have that one day to spend the money though, soi would expect them to spend a fair bit of cash in January on sharpening up their strikeforce and midfield. Richard Dunne, Richards and Zabaleta seem to be ok at the back, although Dunne looks a bit of a liability. A new left back, a new left winger and central midfielder along with another striker is what I think they need. For example Wayne Bridge at left back and Podolski upfront would be good.

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Got to go - the fact he's still playing Vassell is unforgivable



When you see a starting line up that consists of a front two of Robinho and Vassel you do start thinking "what the f**k are these c**ts on....?"

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