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Liverpool V Everton

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From the BBC:


Everton have to compensate for the loss of the suspended Marouane Fellaini in midfield. That is a big blow for the Toffees - but not as big a blow as it is for the person who might have the seat behind the big-haired Belgian in the stand.





0-0 half time. Scrappy game so far though Torres looks up for it despite missing a sitter. Everton are back to what they were last season, hard to beat. Gerrard needs to get into the game more for Liverpool.

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It is pretty decent this season with about 10 teams competing to avoid relegation and 4 (maybe 5) teams competing for the title.


This game was always gonna be tight, both teams have very good defences.


Liverpool really do need to win this if they have serious aspirations about winning the EPL.

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Poor game but a draw a fair result. Liverpool got a goal out of nothing. Gerrard, who did little else gets the goal but good goal nonetheless.


Difference between Liverpol and Man U is that Man U can win these type of games by the odd goal whereas Liverpool cannot. Liverpool bottle it yet again.

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Very cunning move by benitez again, hes got fergie in his hipper :tumbleweed:


The league was over last weekend, going to get embarassing for lolerpool now they are going to be in a fight for 4th soon :)

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