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Robinho Walk Out

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Don't know why he went there in the first place.


Cause he acted like a complete cock cause he wanted a move to Chelsea and basically pissed everyone at Real off. Real got the last laugh on him when City came in with more money and they were quite happy to send him to a team that they didn't perceive as a rival to them on the European stage and Robinho had no choice but to move cause there was no way he could stay after the way he had acted.


I expect the 1st big, established club that comes in for him he will do the same again.

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Think they need to slowly build a decent team and consolidate themselves as a top half team first before going for players like Kaka. The likes of De Jong and Santa Cruz would be good singings for now. For Robinho to line up beside Darius Vassell and Ben-Haim is an insult to him.

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i'll bet he doesnt. Nothing else he could really achieve at blackburn...the only way was down. Think he realised his best players would leave so he got out at the perfect time!!


he's on borrowed time at Citeh.


they wont keep him there long.


the owners are making it wuite clear they want a team of stars and that will include the manager.

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where is Robinio going to go though


chelsea- I thought they had almost no funds left for this window, though selling bridge may have given them some leeway I doubt it's enough to get robinio. Do they really even need him, a much more pressing concern for chelsea has to get some good wingers, they've sold all the good ones in recent years- robben, wright-phillips and with cole being injured now all thats left is Kalou and Manlouda, Though that young kid stoch(sp?) might do a job.

can't see their being many other teams in Europe either who'd be willing to but him now or in the future at the price he'd cost.

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