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Saw them play Raith Rovers last week, they were horrendous! Except their number 4 none of the players should be playing football! Let alone at that level!


Their travelling support was 14! I used to play for amateur teams with a bigger travelling support.


I completly agree, teams like spartans in edinburgh and a few highland league teams could easily do a better job, sooner this country has a pyramid system the better. Reward successful teams, demote joke teams.

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did east stirling shire finish bottom 4/5 seasons on the trot ?


5 years on the trot. Would have lost full membership of the league (or something along those lines) had they finished bottom last season but scrapped away on the last day of the season and Forfar took their place.


On the plus side, it looks like Elgin are taking East Stirling as Scotland's pish team. :cry:

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Guy I knew when I was at uni supported Stranraer. He was also a Dons fan and one night at the pub I asked him how he came to support Stranraer as well as Aberdeen as he was an Aberdonian born and breed.. He said when he was a kid he was bored of Aberdeen being so good he decided to find a crap small team to support as a 2nd team. He went to the odd game if they were playing near Aberdeen. He did go and see them against the Arabs in the League Cup.


Hope they survive, never nice to see a club go bust (Unless its Hearts, Rangers or Celtic of course). The locals should get out and support them but I bet a fair number of them are knuckle dragging huns or tims.

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