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Bit scummy but from some of the stuff I have heard they have their fair share of nutters in their support. Like against Leeds some Millwall fans went in to the leeds end with a massive Turkey flag, had their kids wearin the turkey strip aswell.


Sick but brilliant, f**king madness.

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Thought that aswell, Leeds fans went nuts as expected and started throwing seats aswell if I remember correctly.



Think Leeds give as good as they get. Still would never tire of turning on the news and seeing "millwall fans riot".

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terrifying place to watch football, its like the alamo, the whole place is out to get you not just folk at the game



The siege mentality, Bermondsey is a tough area. I am kind of surprised they've never been thrown out of the football league, hopefully their decades of carnage continues.

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some people have been reading to many cass pennant books, eh SS (MT), oops sorry i forgot you all saved us in madrid, u know, real casuals like yourself! :scouser:




Cass Pennant was West Ham you fud.

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no sh*t sherlock, was meaning the glorification of football violence, that in simple enough language for you????



Why would i need to glorify it? it's already glorious enough.


And next time yer at a game take that prawn sandwich your eating and ram it up your vagina.

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Yeah but the trail of destruction they leave behind them is a thing of beauty.


Isn't it just. I prefer to support my team even if losing rather than causing havoc and ripping out seats and fighting etc.


Were you not just commenting on Rangers fans doing the same to our grounds seats?



They do get charged for it but that's a shame, the timmy wimmy's must have been really angry....I'm scared.

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