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Dundee United V The Tims

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i prefer mock chop.


back on topic, come on united! i fancy a trip to hampden and i can't see us getting there so!



Oh it's a grand old team to play for....NO IT'S NAE.


I think we will win the Scottish Cup....BUHLEEV.

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Well as much as i hope we do, i think the best chance i've got of a visit to hampden is to see united play the huns in the cis final!

Will you be wearing one of their tops aswell or is that just for when Dunfermline get to the final?


Flood looked on side there.

First look, he did look on side but after replays he is about a fraction off side- good call.

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where's all the gfitw? celtic end looks empty maybe their ferries dont run on a wed's



Maybe someone telt them that the famine was over and they've went hame?

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