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Eerste Divisie Play Offs

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If we thought the SPL split was a strange thing in football I think I've found something that tops it.


I was interested to see what this team JDV has joined was like and ended up on the page for the current Eerste Divisie season.


I noticed his new team Cambuur are currently 3rd. However I noticed Excelsior and Telstar are highlighted as being in the play offs despite being 4th and 11th. I then read this.....


Period winners


The competition is divided into six periods (Dutch: periode) of six matches each. The winner of each period (Dutch: periodekampioen) qualifies for the playoffs at the end of the season. If the winner of a period has already won a prior period in the season, the second placed team in the period is awarded the playoff slot. If the second placed team has also won a prior period, no winner is called, and the playoff slot is decided by league standing at the end of the season.




So it seems you can finish near the bottom of the table but have a decent 6 match run and you'll qualify for the play offs :laughing:

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Same for the top league. 10th can make Europe whilst 3rd can miss out with these play offs.


theres pros and cons to the system


pro - smaller teams get a chance to qualify for Europe and make some money to attract better players


cons - you can play great all year and f**k it up in 2 or 3 end of season playoff games.


would be good entertainment

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