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Prince Harry

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It seem's Major Hewitt's/Prince Charles's 'Son' is at it again.




Prince Harry in new race storm


Prince Harry has been accused of racism again after reports that he told a comedian: "You don't sound like a black chap."


Stephen K Amos said the remark was made at a comedy show to celebrate Prince Charles' 60th birthday.


Mr Amos, who has appeared on many television shows including Have I Got News For You, said he put comment down to a poor attempt at making banter.


He said Prince Harry, 24, congratulated him on his performance before saying: "You don't sound like a black chap."


"I wanted to say: How is I supposed to sound?" said the comedian.


The new row comes after Harry was accused of racism after he referred to a Sandhurst colleague as "our little Paki friend".


He was also heavily criticised in 2005 after choosing to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party.


A former chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality says it shows how ill-educated members of the upper class can be.


Buckingham Palace is refusing to comment.

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