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2 More Accies Players Pledge Future To Ireland

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"I bet you the Irish FA know the grandparentage of every kid playing with every team in Scotland. They do their homework.


Not exactly the case, there was a story in the paper about a year ago, with quotes from a Celtic U21 player, stating that Irish representatives used to turn up regularly at Celtic Park trying to recruit Scottish youth players. The player in question was asked to switch allegiances, even though he had no Irish parentage...! Not a case of them doing their homework, they simply just try all the kids at clubs in the West of Scotland.


They are cheeky b@stards.... F_ck the Irish & f_ck their potatoes.

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I wasn't actually fishing. If I played for Aberdeen, and Aberdeen had important games coming up, Burley came to me and said "play for Scotland".........I'd say no!


I'd not switch allegiance to England or Australia either! You're well aware my thoughts on international football. You keep out of the Liverpool threads, and I'll keep out your pointless Scotland thread rants about stupid who the f**k cares about it now football..............:thumbs:


silly glory hunting palstic scouser :laughing:

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Wow 48 tickets for an under 16 game, that must have trebled the total attendance, I wonder how the Irish FA afford that?


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but did Houghton not play Schoolboy internationals or maybe U21 for Scotland before being snubbed by Roxburgh? Or am I thinking of another Plastic Paddy.


I wonder if the names haven't been released because neither player is likely to ever make it, and the story is designed to take a bit of the heat off McCarthy. :laughing:

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What a heap of bull$hit. Young lads sulking cos they've not been chosen for Scotland teams. McCarthy is a cracking wee player (a diving c**t as well but never min) but just cos he's done it, doesn't mean that the rest of Hamilton's youth squad should go following suite thinking they're going to have a career at international level, especially when they're playing under 15's

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