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Jason Scotland

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The manager, Roberto Martinez, has an eye for a player.... he's brought in guys like Jason Scotland & Ferrie Bodde, and developed them into very, very effective players.


It's interesting. If we'd signed him he probably wouldn't have improved much from when he was at St Johnstone and I don't remember him to be that good a player. Levein has managed to do this well at Dundee United, making players better but we can't seem to do it.

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I dont remember him doing anything at utd, but im surprised he didnt sign for us cause it seems to be our policy to sign united rejects

Wasn't a united reject as they were left fuming when he was denied and work permit to continue playing for them but strangely was allowed to sign for a lower league side in St Johnstone. A lot of united fans still believe there was a conspiracy theory surrounding him not recieving a permit as he'd just scored the winner in the scottish cup semi against hibs only for a committee consisting of life - long hibees to arrive at the decision he wasn't worthy to carry on playing in the SPL. Certainly still irritates the united fans i know.


Mind him playing for united against us and pulling off an outrageous piece of skill on the byeline down at tannadice, pretty sure it was richie bryne who had to buy a ticket to get back in after he'd been sent so badly. Struggled at united but that was probably just down to him adapting

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