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How the f**k Gerrard is higher than the likes of Souness, Nicol, St John, Keegan, Rush... is beyond me. Don't get me started on Carragher. 9th greatest Liverpool player of all time? He's not even the ninth best English centre back playing at the minute.


Never mind The Times, this could have appeared in the Sun anyday of the week given the level of thought put into it.

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I'm no Liverpool fan and I don't particularly care who is in that list, but why does the guy that wrote it say that Gerrard has never had the full love of the kop?


WTF would he have to do to be loved by all his fans? If I was to pick one central midfielder in the world playing now to put in my team it would be a toss up between him and Xavi. Gerrard is an awseome player, what a bunch of spoiled c***s if they can't see that.

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