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Let's All Laugh at the Huns

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Now I know that after all the time Murray would have invested in persuading Le Guen to come to Rangers will mean that he won't be sacked - yet anyways. However is there not a possibility Le Guen might walk?


The longer Le Guen stays the better. Rangers are a shambles at the moment and i can't even say i was that surprised by last night's result.

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Walter Smith is to get advice from Max Mosely on how to keep your job after getting a humiliating spanking....


Rangers fans are rioting in Lithuania and Glasgow because the big screens showing the game are working fine...



OXO have brought out a new blue and white stock cube in response to Rangers Champions League exit. Its going to be called a 'Laughing Stock'

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Followfollow is a great laugh these days, has been since the days of Le Guen!


As I said earlier, this Rangers team are almost back at PLG standard. An average team, full of workman-like cloggers - absolutely no invention in their first XI. Had Hearts not shat it after conceding that freak goal, they could have taken 4 or 5 off Rangers this afternoon.


Walter Smiths time at Rangers is numbered now I reckon, he's wasted money on Aaron and Edu, while "Laugh"erty is bloody murder!

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Rangers FC are a total and utter shambles right now.




A disgrace on the park. Miles behind a rank rotten Sellik. A Neil Lennon signed jersey hanging on the wall, and some tarrier prick called Dominic Sharkey working for the club. To cap it all, not one of those spineless b*stards playing today will be feeling as gutted as us.


The Rangers I knew and loved are dead to me.



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