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Arsenal Vs Hull City

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Fantastic start by Hull.


Phil Brown has started with 4 strikers and it's been all Hull.


Fabianski made a great savefrom a Geovanni freekick then Barmby scored again but was ruled offside (correctly)


Barmby on 99 career goals now (that would have been his 100th). He's been excelent so far. Doubt he'll last the 90 minutes if he keeps going at this rate

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Fantastic start by Hull.


Phil Brown has started with 4 strikers and it's been all Hull.


Fabianski made a great savefrom a Geovanni freekick then Barmby scored again but was ruled offside (correctly)


Barmby on 99 career goals now (that would have been his 100th). He's been excelent so far. Doubt he'll last the 90 minutes if he keeps going at this rate

'at's kiz e's a fat coont!!

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Guest LondonScottish
I wouldn't call it time wasting, at spells they were taking the sting out of the game. Something every team does, but when its done against Arsenal they go mental.


Teams do it all the team, why when you're 1 nil up shouldn't you take the sting out the game and slow it down. Arsenal only know how to play one way and thats gung-ho.


I really, REALLY hate Arsenal. And in all honesty I think everyone does, I mean f**k Arsenal secretly hate Arsenal.



Nothing to do with losing the league in the last seconds at Anfield?

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Guest LondonScottish
I guess that may come into it somewhere, but its more just Cockneys I hate really. I feel sorry for you n that aspect actually being stuck in amongst them. :lolrangers:.



And what's up withe Cockneys?

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Guest LondonScottish
I think I can make this a question to a question.


It's easier saying "what isn't up with cockneys?".



No, I'd find it easier if you listed what IS wrong with Cockneys. :lolrangers:

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Wenger said:



Its the old "I never seen it" line that cracks me up.


Arsenal have had like 93 sendings off or something since he's been manager, and he's never seen any of them.


I'd rather have a manager who stone walls the press than one who has a go at his team every time the press give him a chance. Football is a stressful business and being asked questions immediately afterwards can't be easy - why not stonewall - he's the Arsenal manager not a press pundit and has done damn well given their small-ish budget/support compared to the other teams in England.


Fergie also backs his players - why - it's a dressing room issue.


I'm pleased Arsenal got though... good luck to them against Chelski.


At least you can be happy they'll be only one London team through - and there is always the chance for a side from Liverpool being there!

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i enjoyed that game last night. I wanted Hull to win but i always support the underdogs.


Hull really do battle and its great to see guys fight for every ball.


Arsenal are great to watch at times and Arshavin looks like a decent buy but i just couldnt hope for an Arsenal win at any time due to enger being a c**t.


he moaned for the entire match.

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Keeper got a touch so not offside


Hull time wasting after 15 minutes got what they deserved. Wenger should have shook his hand with a big smile to get it right up the moaning faced Brown.


Agreed the keeper touched the ball but the keeper went up for the ball along with an Arsenal player, it wasn't clear but looked to me like the Arsenal player touched the ball before the keeper did. If he did then Gallas was offside as soon as he touched it.

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Cesc Fabregas spat at Hull's assistant manager according to Phil Brown.




Cesc Fabregas has vehemently denied spitting at Hull assistant manager Brian Horton following Arsenal's controversial 2-1 FA Cup quarter-final victory.


Having first denied the allegation - made by Phil Brown immediately after the tie and then repeated in his post-match press conference - on the club's website, Fabregas is also reported to have phoned The Sun last night to insist he was innocent.


"I absolutely and categorically deny I spat at anyone and I cannot understand why Hull are making these accusations against me. I have never spat at anyone in my life. It is a disgusting habit. Why would I do something like that after a match I was not even playing in?


"I was on the pitch at the end of the game celebrating with my team-mates but I promise I did not do anything wrong."


"I understand Hull are angry and frustrated about going out of the FA Cup. But I don't know why they are saying these things about me because it did not happen. That is the truth.


"I don't even know who the assistant manager of Hull is or what he looks like.


"I am told Hull will be making an official complaint to the FA about me. Well, I am perfectly relaxed about that. I have nothing to hide. Not one drop of spit left my mouth. I am certain of that."


The FA are expected to respond to the furore later today, with Horton reportedly ready to report the Spaniard to the governing body.


Confusion surrounds the detail of his complaint, however, with match broadcasters Setanta suggesting that the alleged incident took place on the Emirates pitch following the final whistle. 'Setanta Sports journalists later confirmed that Brown's assistant Brian Horton alerted them to his version of events that Fabregas encroached onto the pitch after the game and spat at him,' their website states.


However, speaking to newspaper reporters later, Brown clarified: "I was there and I witnessed it, he spat at my assistant manager down the tunnel. That is their club captain, hopefully he is proud of himself. He spat at his feet."


Meanwhile, the FA are also likely to examine closely Brown's description of the tie.


"We lost the game unfairly as the lad was two yards offside," Brown said. "The flag goes up for Barmby in the first half, but it doesn't go up for him.


"We haven't been beaten by Arsenal, who are fourth-top in The Premier League, we've been beaten by a linesman's decision and a referee's decision. Simple as that.


"I didn't use the word cheat, you did. I can't use that word I'm afraid, but that's the case.


"Ask Mr Riley how much that will cost Hull City. I don't think he'll understand, I don't think he'll care. I've not spoken to Mr Riley. I'm glad you said the word you said at the start, thank you very much."



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Guest LondonScottish
Where do Arsenal and Hull play, they in the Scottish Premier? Or do they play in England? English football?


So its still on topic. Arsenal are cockney.......still on topic.


P.S. You brought Stoney and Mini into - keep it on topic VDA. f**k sake!



Arsenal aren't Cockney.....still on topic.

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