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Football Violence - 2009

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It was my first cyber f/v memory was only a youngster, think my post count was 200-300. The row we had with Portsmouth's 6.57 GigaByte Crew. Very naughty, all the right faces were logged in. Sort of posters you knew you could post side by side with until the server crashed. Could have been a lot worse for the 6.57gb boys that evening but a few very game posters got turned away because of 3 year IP bans.


Anyway we plotted up on the Independent supporters association website, Pompey were no where to be seen, we had the free roam of the forum. We sent a couple of spotters into the away section but it was an Admin overkill, they had it well under control.


Later on in the afternoon a large amount of Portmouth posters slid through the firewall and called it on with our hardcore of posters in the General Talk forum. The tension was electric and the atmosphere evil was going to go any minute. No Admin in sight and only a thin line of Moderators keeping the two cyber firms apart.


Out of nowhere a well known Millwall poster; had been around for years and had mustered up a post count of over a 10,000 hit a Pompey face with the naughtiest post I've seen in years, it went off everywhere. Threads, posts and replies left, right and centre, absolute chaos. Millwall even had some Polls out for the occasion.


The 6.57gb boys were on the back foot, totally outwitted and when the Technical-28 boys turned up after an off with Brum on Rivals, Pompey logged out sharply. Admin slowly restored the peace but the damage was done.


Only time I've seen carnage like that was the West Ham game when we took it too their chat room. Some right Loons signed in that night, best mob of cyber 'wall Ive seen in years, smashed West Ham all over MSN Messenger.


The online f/v game is dead anyway, Admin are slapping posters with 3 year IP banning orders and ISPs are dishing out harder sentances. Not worth the hassle anymore, I remember the days of Windows 98 or MSDOS



shamlessly lifted from another forum, funniest thing i have read in a while :hysterical:

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