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Northern Ireland V Poland

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Currently 1-1, the linesman just has just been hit in the head with a coin and flares were being set off.


Boruc is having his usual good game :dontknow:


is it known where the coin was thrown from?


Glad to see Boruc f**k up, but N Ireland fans are just huns without bus fares so dont really want them to win either, some will be even wearing hun tops rather than N Ireland tops.

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Does the united keeper Zaluska make the Poland squad? Szamultolski is also of the polish variety true? Big Artur was a festering wreck of a man during that game, just had a complete disaster and with that dodgy kick the ball took off the turf for NI's third it didn't just rain it absolutely pissed all over him

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Boruc has been dropped :sheepdance:


Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc has been dropped from the Poland squad after his poor performance in the 3-2 defeat by Northern Ireland on Saturday.


Boruc was blamed for two goals in the World Cup qualifier, and coach Leo Beenhakker told him he would not play against San Marino on Wednesday.


"Artur was very affected by what happened on Saturday, especially his role in the match," said Beenhakker.


"We both decided that the best decision was for him to go back to Glasgow."


In Belfast Boruc conceded an own goal when a back pass bobbled as he went to kick it, while he failed to deal with the cross that resulted in Northern Ireland's opening goal.


Dundee United's Lukasz Zaluska, who will join Celtic next season, could be in line for a place in the team for the Group 3 match in Kielce, while Arsenal's Lukasz Fabianski is also available to Beenhakker.


Despite being regarded by many as a world-class goalkeeper, Boruc has made a number of high-profile blunders in recent months.


In December, Boruc fumbled Hibernian midfielder John Rankin's "squiggler" shot from over 40 yards into his own net.


And at the start of the Scottish Premier League campaign he dropped the ball to allow Rangers striker Kenny Miller to score from close range in a 4-2 defeat.



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And WTF is his ultra neddish tattoo on his neck all about.


If it really is connected to the fact that he alledgely failed a drugs test then he really has lost it.



Was speaking to a Celtic fan on Saturday and he said that the tattoo says "Addicted to..." and then has the initials of his new girlfriend. He then informed me that she apparently dumped him 2 weeks ago.



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Guest LondonScottish

Boruc Pole axed for igniting a 'religious war', says Poland legend Jan Tomaszewski

Mar 31 2009 By Neil Cameron


ARTUR BORUC was booted out of Poland's squad yesterday amid claims he started a religious war.


The Celtic keeper was sent packing by coach Leo Beenhakker in the wake of the 3-2 defeat by Northern Ireland in Belfast in which he blundered at all three goals. And as Boruc headed back to Glasgow, legendary Polish keeper Jan Tomaszewski insisted the Holy Goalie was being punished by God.


Tomaszewski said: "Artur started a religious war in Glasgow and now it has come back to haunt him.

"That is why he was under so much pressure in Belfast, because he is hated by most of the Protestant community there. He has no one to blame but himself.


"You could say Artur has had a punishment from God.


"We lost because of him, not because of how well Northern Ireland performed."


Tomaszewski shattered England's hopes of qualifying for the World Cup with a heroic display at Wembley in 1973.


He was promptly branded a clown by a disgruntled Brian Clough.


Tomaszewski added: "I am blaming Artur for all three goals in Belfast."


Boruc packed his bags and left training camp in Tychy, southern Poland.


He was not meant to play in Belfast but Beenhakker was forced to change his plans because Arsenal keeper Lukasz Fabianski had food poisoning.


Boruc had broken rules by smuggling girlfriend Sara Mannei into the squad's camp last week.


As Record Sport revealed yesterday, Beenhakker told his staff he was fed up with the player and warned he may never play for his country again.


The Dutch coach said: "We recognise what happened in Belfast has had an impact on the entire team but especially Artur Boruc.


"After I spoke with him this morning, the training staff and I concluded the best thing for Artur - and for the team - would be for him to leave the group and return to his club in Glasgow.


"I informed him openly of our decision."


Beenhakker's assistant, Jan de Zeeuw, added: "The situation is quite simple.


"Artur was informed he will not be part of the squad for Wednesday night's qualifier against San Marino and both he and Leo agreed it would be best if he went home to Glasgow.


"I do not wish to speak about any rumours."


Fabianski has not recovered fully from his illness so Dundee United's Lukasz Zaluska, who will join Celtic in the summer, may make his debut for Poland against San Marino.


Beenhakker said: "Zaluska and Fabianski remain with the squad and one of them will play."

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