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Swiss League

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IMO is a league similar to ours in standard/size etc. Been speaking to mate over there (Basle Fan) and hes explained how they work it.


At winter, the top 8 teams (in a 12 team league) split from the bottom 4. The top 8 play each other twice more until the end of the season. The bottom 4 then go into a league with the top 4 teams in the 2nd tier, and again play each other twice to determine who plays in the top devision next season - so potential for 4 teams to go up/down each season.


Now i much prefer your standard league, abody plays abody and thats that, no split, no fecking aboot. But IMO what the swiss have is much better than our league split. Much more excitment created throughout the whole season, more teams changing devisions (we all know how sh*t it can be going to rugby park for the 10th time in a few years) and always something to play for.

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