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Tony Pulis


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  • 2 years later...
Stoke City manager Tony Pulis has dodged a driving ban after his lawyer won an extraordinary argument in court.


Pulis was clocked doing 96mph in his BMW in a 60mph zone on the M42 after seeing his men thrashed 5-0 at Bolton, an offence that saw him exceed 12 points on his licence - and should

therefore have earned him an automatic ban.


But according to a report in The Sun, his solicitor Mike Stephenson successfully argued to magistrates that Pulis would be so badly affected by losing his licence that it would put the club in danger of relegation - a punishment which would affect a huge number of people, businesses who have sunk

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I don't mind him actually. Think the difference between him and some other managers is passion rather than arrogance


EDIT: Doesn't mean i agree with him getting away with a driving ban though


Plenty bigger managerial cunts in the EPL than Pulis.


Fair enough he has enough money to pay for a top motoring offence lawyer to get him off with a technicality.


Fergie did exactly the same a few years ago.

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