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FC Internazionale Milano have announced that Adriano has played his last game for the club after his contract was cancelled by mutual consent.



"We send him a hug from the whole club for the eight years and 74 goals he shared with us," the Nerazzurri said in a statement as they announced the departure of the Brazilian international 14 months before his contract was due to expire. The 27-year-old has struggled in his last three seasons at Inter, having initially made a huge impression after signing from CR Flamengo in 2001 following successful loan spells in Italy at ACF Fiorentina and, more significantly, Parma FC. He spent much of last season on loan at S

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Guest Donforlife
Same really but no other option, on his day unplayable sadly he couldn't find his day on a bloody calendar now.


worth a look?

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Fkn hell!!!!


How many of you actually watched Inter games (or even Serie A games) at all this season?


Inter play a system of either 4-3-3 (akin to Man utd) or 4-4-2.


They use Balotelli up front along with (previously) Adriano and Zlatan, plus use Cruz and Crespo (infrequently). The 4-3-3 system uses players like Amantino Mancini (for example purely as his appearances have diminished) and Stankovic, Muntari etc playing akin to Tevez, Ronaldo and Berbatov / Rooney up front, creating the chances and swapping flanks etc.


Fk me. Some people just don't know


"1 up front boring,".


Please educate yourselves before making such a comment. I bet a plastic Manc Utd fan would have something to say to that seeing as the system is pretty much akin to how Man Utd line up.



The whole Adriano affair is something of predicament. The club know how good he is, the player himself just doesn't wish to play football any more at the moment. The club tried punishing him for AWOL & partying incidents - made no difference. The club tried supporting him without such punishment, which worked for the best part of the season, but then after playing for Brazil this month he decided he wanted to stay there.


He'll end up playing for Sao Paulo. Inter reportedly have an agreement he doesn't return to Europe for a season or two. Besdies in Brazil he can enjoy his sniffter (allegedley) and his girls without being fined for missing training half the time.

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Zlatan is far from a massive threat, he thinks he is a superstar when really he isn't!


Sometimes can have times where he delivers genius goods, but most of the time he's lazy and does nothing!


I have not seen Zlatan play a good game yet when I watched him (and I did see that goal in Euros, but he was still pish).



How ignorant.

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From what I've seen of Ibrahimovic in Serie A, he's been outstanding. Some of the goals he's scored have been outrageous. He certainly has all the talent in the world.


Yet on the bigger stage, he's failed miserably. Euro 2008 he was part of a very very poor Sweden team, perhaps not much he can do about that. Although still managed to score THAT screamer.


In the Champions League, he's always been built up yet falters time and time again. Did next to nothing against United over 2 legs. Worst ever saw of him was against Liverpool last year. Absolutely diabolical show and just didn't look interested.


Pair of head cases, the both of them.

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