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El Clasico tonight. Think I'll be finding a stream to watch this one. Real at home and looking for a win that would see the gap at the top closed to just a single point. Ramos lost his first game as Real manager to Barca but since then they have won 17 and drawn 1 league game, that is a phenomenal run.


Should be a cracker.

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Guest Donforlife
What a game so far! Real go 1-0 up but within minutes its 2-1 Barca.


Barca just play football the way it is supposed to be played.


brilliant.quite brilliant.


they should be 4-1 up.at least.

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Watching this Barcelona team makes me realise why I love football. They just make me smile.


As someone mentioned, it's football in it's purest form.


they are so compact in the middle of the park, from the middle of their halve to the middle of reals they just stroke it round in triangles, real are maintaing their width leaving barca space to play the triangle passes, just cant get the ball to send it wide and make a break.


real need to get robben on the ball more, abidal can be got at I think.

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