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Come On Burnley

Guest SS RED

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Guest SS RED

Owen Coyle was probably an opportunity missed by us but good luck to them in the play off finals.


If anyone saw Danny Dyers Real Football Factory the Burnley lads were by far the funniest.

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Guest Donforlife
Burnley have a few socts amongst there ranks and i think Sheffield Utd have a few too.


will be good to see a few scots playing there


Burnley have five i think:


Stephen Caldwell

Graham Alexander

Russell Anderson

Steven Thompson

Kevin McDonald


Sheff Utd have 3 i think:


Gary Naysmith

Craig Beattie

Nick Montgomery


a fair few indeed.

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Coyle's done a great job there and deserves promotion for his efforts. It would be someone different in the EPL also, plus really dislike Sheff Utd now after their greeting about the Tevez affair.


Agree with that. Sheffield United bottled it on the last day against Wigan and made Tevez the excuse for going down. They're still crying about it to this day.

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There's been a couple of blogs on the bbc re Burnley and their fans absolutely love him!


Apparently so. My mate reliably informs me that if Owen Coyle wants to impregnate him, then he would let him.


Also, someone sneaked this into Wrestlemania.



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