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Looking for some new players to join our league going into the eleventh season. For those who've never heard of it Xpert Eleven is an online management game in which you pick your team and tactics to play against others (plenty of fellow Dandies already in the league).


League ID 91015


Get Involved!

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After a break got back into this.


Have created an AFC-Chat league to judge interest.


Link: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=285966


If we get enough people the league will start, otherwise it'll just be deleted and no harm done.


It is a new league, so it will be fair and everyone starts at the same level.


I've signed up, not been on it for years but still had the daytripping username.


Come on folks lets get a league started, it's a good laugh and doesn't take much time.

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Can you only have one team?


EDIT: What I mean is I've made my team but while I was waiting I joined a Master League. Now I can't seem to find my team I made for the AFC-Chat league?


I've had 3 applications and accepted them all. If your other team is in an official league it'll make no difference. If it's in a private league it depends on your quota.


Teams so far are:


Shaughnessy United

Hopeless United

Queef of the South


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