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Gareth Barry

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What a lying sh*te!!


Last year he was giving it all " I Want to move for champions league fitba" Aye my hairy arse you do, cause man city are about 2 years at least away from champions league fitba ........at least!!!!


It's all about the benjamins!!!

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Guest LondonScottish
Will be interesting to see what he'd do if Liverpool made an approach. Would he join the medal chase with Liverpool, or do a Lucas Neill?




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one of my pet hates in football is the above.
Me too VDA all the badge kissing when all that mattered was the pay cheque worst example was the Huns 9 in a row team with all the English they had Hateley and all his mates trying to make out they were life long Huns when they were all up here for the easy pay day
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Guest LondonScottish
He is currently being put through his medical, fair play to him he won't win f**kall, atleast at Liverpool he'd have had a slight chance.


Also Liverpool made the right move in keeping Alonso, one of the bets midfielders in the league last season.



How can you say he'll win f@ck all? He's 28 years old, in his prime. If Manchester City actually get their act together and buy a team like Chelsea did, there is every chance he'll win something, but even if he doesn't an extra

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Guest LondonScottish
You are what is wrong with football LS, you go on about having a team of winners yet you back this guy for not wanting to win anything.



Who says he won't win anything?


What part of "Their owner is one of the richest men in the World and wants to build a team of champions" don't you understand? Why do you think that is so unrealistic?


You are suggesting he may have a "slight" chance of a medal if he went to Liverpool, or no chance anywhere else.


Not many 28 year olds would turn down

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Guest LondonScottish
A great player who will add some extra bite into their midfield. Depending on where he will play, could this be the end of one of Sven's signings i.e Petrov? Elano?



I think Petrov is a goner, and Elano probably too, but then again, he's Brazilian and there may be a few more from his country arriving soon.


This could be the start of a snowball effect, if they get another couple of top class players in. Before they were just all money and nothing to show for it bar Robinho.

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