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Football Players Sons

Guest LondonScottish

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Guest LondonScottish

Just having a thought about how many sons of former good/great players actually make it as players at a high level themselves.


Obviously Darren Ferguson had a fleeting glimpse with Man Utd, but is showing his true colours in management.


Harry and Jamie Redknapp, Frank and Frank Lampard, but who else?


I'm curious to see how many make it; obviously being a decent player isn't genetic otherwise more would be up there. Maybe the pressure prevents them from making it in anything?



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Guest LondonScottish

Frank and Frank Lampard

Brian and Nigel Clough

Gordon and Gavin Strachan

Kenny and Paul Dalglish

Martin and Jamie Buchan

Johan and Jordi Cruyff

Doug and And Considine

Harry and Jamie Redknapp

Mancini and son

Alex and Darren Ferguson

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