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Livingston Chairman Gets Personal On Fans Forum

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Bloody hell, that Livi forum page is taken ages to load. Reminds me of the time my 56k modem broken and was only going at 5.6k. It better be good.


Can't really blame them. They have 136 people (16 members and 120 guests) reading the forum. They probably have a spectrum serving as the server. It is a Livingston forum afterall. Cant really expect the same sort of service you get from The Premium AFC Chat Speak Site AFC-Chat. :dontknow:

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It will be him, he seems to know some of the more prominent Livvy fans on there quite well.


Always hated that manufactured plastic excuse for a club, I'm all for getting rid of them and replacing them with a proper team like Lokomotiv Inveruskie.

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I thought they owed a large chunk of their debt to them for rent on the ground though?


They do but dont be surprised to see them go bust and then have the west lothian council reform a team to play in thr ground, possibly starting in div 3, which will be super new and debt free.


No point anyone taking them over until they do go bust. we all know they will be allowed back in, even if it went to an open vote they have the best facilities out of anyone else who could apply for any open league position.


It will be the third livingston fc as that will mean two have gone bust already!

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