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Ferguson And Mcgregor Could Return

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Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith says Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor could play for the national team again if coach George Burley wanted the duo back in his plans.


Ferguson and McGregor were handed lifetime bans from the Scotland squad earlier this year following their conduct during the World Cup qualifying double-header with Holland and Iceland.


The Rangers pair were involved in a drinking session after the defeat by Holland and were then pictured making V-signs towards photographers after being left on the bench for the win over Iceland.


The players were subsequently banned from representing their country again, but Smith says there is scope for a U-turn if Burley had strong reasons for wanting them back in his squad.


Up to Burley


Smith said: "If George was very strong on it then we would have to look at it very closely, of course we would."


He added: "I would think in most circumstances the board of directors might actually take it on board if George Burley was so intent on bringing these players back for very good reason.


"George would have to be the one that would have to come and say he's got a change of decision."


Smith does not believe Burley would ever want to pick Ferguson or McGregor again and therefore does not think they will add to their respective 45 and four caps.


However, he refused to confirm whether he himself had voted for the ban or whether the board's decision was unanimous, saying: "I didn't want either of these two players to be out of the team.


"I want all our best players to play.


"I actually happen to like Barry Ferguson very much as well - I know him.


"And yet, we had to make a decision because this was the Scottish international team on duty and what happened was an embarrassment to the international team."


:rolleyes: I don't even no why they should even have a slim chance of playing for Scotland again

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All Smith's doing here is passing the buck onto Burley and blame him for the scumbags being still banned

Anyway whats the point of a lifetime ban if a couple of months later it's resinded

Also no matter whether the SFA,Smith or whoever lifts the ban player selection ultimately lies with the manager if he doesn't pick them they dont play.

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