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Alan Shearer For Wba?

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What everybody think this just paper talk?


Think its just paper talk. If I was a WBA fan I'd be hoping it is.


Although Newcastle was always a win-win situation for Shearer - if they stayed up he would be a hero, if they went done the majority of the blame would be on the likes of Ashely. However I saw several of Newcastles games on TV when Shearer was in charge and they looked a complete shambles tactically in pretty much every game. They only won against Boro because Boro are a worse team then they are.


I get a feeling that there is a belief in England that Shearer is destined to be a great manager. I can't see it myself.

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Shearer is entirely unproven - he's not managed at any level and the Championship will be as unforgiving as the Premiership - he'll remain a hero to be Geordies perhaps though not if they languish in the Championship when the new owner removes the hate figure.


Shearer really should step back and learn the trade if he wants to be taken seriously outside tyneside. WBA would be daft to take him, JC would be better and it's not often he gets my endorsement!

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