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Valencia Huge Debt

Guest LondonScottish

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Guest LondonScottish

David Villa and David Silva was almost definitely have to be sold as Valencia's debt is way bigger than realised. Only

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According to Marca, Valencia have agreed a 38 million Euro deal which increases to 40 million if Real win the league; Galacticos could be back sooner than expected.


haha marca, the most reliable real madrid propaganda machine, sorry paper, in the world :poster_oops:

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Why do teams (mainly in Spanish football it would seem) get away with getting into such ridiculous levels of debt? What pushes you over the line into administration, like seems to happen to British clubs on a regular basis?


the size of their debt has been known in Spain for some time


their problems escalated after issues with the financing of their new stadium, after huge borrowing the deal to sell their old stadium fell through and in the new market it wasn't worth anything like they expected


last season they went weeks on end not paying their players and they went into relative freefall in February without winning and losing to bottom of the league sides, lo and behold they paid them and went on a run that took them into European places again the nearly the CL

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I hate the Premiership being the best league in the world but I do secretly hope Silva, Villa and Aguero appear in the Premiership in the summer.


Apparently, well according to todays reports he is on his way to form part of the new galaticos with Valencia giving Chelsea a stern no. Does look likely with 40 million being the figure mentioned at the start of the week.

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