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Michael Owen

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i think alot o clubs would sign him in a second, but know he'll want a heap o wages so sendin out this brochure is a way of sayin "look at how good he is, he justifies massive wages" just so they can make as much as they can! doubt anybody will offer more than 35-40k per week for him though, maybe even less considerin how injury prone he is!

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His agency have sent out a brochure to teams in an attempt to justify why they should sign him. Bit desperate if you ask me, although it is sad to see this is the lengths such a formerly talented individual has to go to.

Seems strange sending out a 34 page brochure surely everyone in the game knows his abilities and faults :)

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I think he's finished.


It's been a long time since he's done anything noteworthy in the game.

He helped Newcastle get relegated so maks my life easier affshore. Dinna need to listen to daft geordies gan on aboot how they are a great side. I hink ats a good contribution.

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Fit & Healthy. :itch-chin:


Clean & fresh :hysterical:




Aye, notice none of the qualities listed include "loyal". Does nothing for Newcastle except draw a huge wage and cost a lot of cash, and he's been trying his best to get out of there since day one.


He's a cock, glad to see the recession is having such an impact :applause:

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Hull in for him.


Would be brilliant if thats the only level of club looking at signing him. He can help those c**ts get relegated too.


That brochure is an absolute joke, doctors report from the very same doc who see's Keiron Dyer and Dean Ashton... regularly.


Loyal my arse, did nothing for Newcastle but miraculously recovered from injuries in time to play for England.

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