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Iker Casillas

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Guest SS RED
I saw Iker at the Bernabau!


I was more in awe of Rafa Nadal though.


He's a big c**t, he scared me.


Prick, glory hunting prick at that, supports Real Madrid even though he's from Mallorca.

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Iker over-rated 2009.


Iker over-rated since 2005 ish.


Iker awesome teenager.


Iker be what rocket says.






Casillas has been dropped for tonights game against Malaga,


First time in 10 years he has been dropped, and dont suppose the Spanish media will take well to Spain and Real Madrid captain being punted to the bench.


If Real do not win tonight, it could well be the start of the Coup de grace for Jose.

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Jose will be on his way sooner rather than later.


It's hard to know what Jose plans, a genius but pretty mental at the same time. He loves being controversial and having a clear rival manager to abuse, whether he was at Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Barca, even with Tito, he calls him Pito, Spanish for penis, with the guys health issues, he'll not be able to abuse him anymore. Graham Hunter in his book reckons JM intends being at Madrid for some time as he is rebuilding it from the youth teams up, the team struggling, and Barca being out of sight already may change that.



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Article in the Sunday Times today exploring behind the scenes at Real. The club president, at the lunch on Friday in front of everyone at the club said that tension was bad, both for the perpetrator and everyone around him. Nobody missed his point. Iker is one of the players who is against Jose. It appears that he's lost a big part of the dressing room, exhausted by his pressurised demands both physically and mentally. If he's lost president Perez though, Jose is fucked. The games v. Man U will define their season and the future employment of their current manager. Horrible institution, Real Madrid. Hope Jose gets success elsewhere in the 2013/14 season.


It mentioned last night, that last Monday Perez and Mourinho had met, with Perez saying that they will be working closely together for the sake of the champions league.


Is JM simply trying to take the captain Casillas down a peg or two, or showing a display of authority, take as many people down with him as he seeks to force an exit ?

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