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Dons, Dons & Dons

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Was in the golf club yesterday having a quiet pint, and stole a read of the Mirror as it was the only thing to read, and wifies tennis was on telly.


Anyway, mention of the Dons, and it's Milton Keynes I'm reading about, with Paul Mince going back there.


Then couple of pages further in and The Hatters kick off against the Dons (interesting thought I?), but again it's a piece on Luton v AFC Wimbledon in the first game of the conference.


Now I don't know about you, but it annoys the f**k out of me that these teams, especially MK, get called the Dons.


f**k all I can do about it like, but just sharing my frustration. :laughing:

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Cant argue that a team called the MK Dons are referred to as the dons. Their fans are probably quite confused as to why we're known as the dons

Well I'll f**king argue ok? :dontknow:


Thing is why are they called 'Dons' anyway? Becasue they were formerly Wimbledon, and seeing as the original Wimbledon want f**k all to do with Milton Keynes, why didn't they choose a more suitable name? c**ts imo.

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