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Espn Costs

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Just announced the costs





LONDON, July 7 (Reuters) - The Walt Disney-owned (DIS.N) sports network ESPN said on Tuesday it would launch a new channel in Britain in August to show its 46 Premier League soccer matches and other international sports programming.


The channel, which will be available in standard and high definition, will also carry a range of American sports previously provided on the ESPN America channel, which will be integrated into the new British channel.


Dominant pay-TV firm BSkyB (BSY.L), which owns the rights to show the remaining 92 live Premier League matches next season, will sell the ESPN channel to both its residential and commercial customers.


For residential customers, it will be available on a premium subscription basis, for 9 pounds per month to existing Sky Sports subscribers and for 12 pounds per month to other Sky customers.


The Sky Sports in-house production team will produce the ESPN's Premier League matches and Sky's advertising sales house will sell the advertising inventory, while ESPN will produce the graphics, analysis and additional programming.


ESPN won the right to show 46 live Premier League matches for the 2009/10 season, and 23 matches for the following three years in Britain in a hastily arranged auction after previous owner Setanta fell into administration. [nLN409388]


"We look forward to working with Sky to deliver great sports content to their subscribers and will continue our discussions with all other pay-TV providers so that we can bring ESPN to as many sports fans in the UK as possible," said Lynne Frank, Managing Director, ESPN for Europe, Middle East and Africa.


The new channel called ESPN will launch on August 3, ahead of the start of the Premier League season on August 15.


(Reporting by Kate Holton; Editing by David Cowell)

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he SPL today outlined a range of possible deals to its member clubs ahead of next week's annual general meeting.


Representatives from all 11 SPL clubs were present today to hear the latest details of the deals which have been generated in the aftermath of Setanta

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Guest SS RED
Cheaper than Setanta innit


Plus the quality will be better. ESPN are pretty solid across the board.


Good news for those that want it.


Ken think I can spare 9 pounds a month.

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Agreed. No mention of time slots for Scottish games either i notice.


Midnight on Tuesday or something like that.


This is a f**king scam. The two companies are in cahoots and the monopoly EU type f**kers should be looking into this.

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Agreed. No mention of time slots for Scottish games either i notice.


Any idea how much it would cost to set up a satellite channel?


65m over 5 years is buttons.


Tell them to flock off and have Celtic Rangers Hearts Hibs and Dundee Utd join us to set up 'Top 6 TV'


We can fill the channel with adult phonelines, cheap jewellery and Pop Idol sh*te when the footy isn't on to make up some extra cash off the 0898 numbers

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I think the Old Firm are going to vote against the deal. funny it seems they want an SPL TV channel now (How Ironic).


Unless the deal is for 2/3 years SPL must reject it (being caught in a 5 year deal is simply not on)


I would be unlikely to buy SKY or ESPN , but I would pay my money to back an SPL channel if we went down that road (just to back the channel)

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Cannot see an SPL TV chanel working as just cannot see enough people being willing to pay extra for Scottish football when they already pay for Sky. Do not think we have any option but to accept whatever we are offered. Sky & ESPN now this as well.

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