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Adebayor Brochure

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Guest LondonScottish
Be interesting who Arsenal would get to score the goals though........


Bye bye Adebayor, bye bye half Arsenals goals in a season.



The need Adebayor firing; when he's on form he's excellent.

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I thought the brochure was pretty funny 'Wifi Enabled' :)


He does take a bit of stick from fans but his attitude in the past year or so hasn't always been right.


Milan were after him but seem to have started bidding on other attacking targets instead, shame because I think Arsenal would've been right to sell him for c

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Rosicky's is back in training so I guess anything can happen.


I'd expect Bendtner will be good for at least 10 goals this coming season too.

Very average striker for a club of Arsenal's size. Not a fan of him at all.


Hope Eduardo can get a decent run in the team next season because when fit I reckon he'll prove to be a class act for them.

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Robin the Rapists goal record isn't really 'that great' is it? 39 goals in 150 games or something? And Eduardo after a broken leg.......hmmmmm.

RapevP scored more last season that Ade though. More talented player as well it could be argued. Arsenal would be losing their main physical presence if he left though.

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