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It has probably been done before but I am interested to find this out.


It seems me, my brother and our friends all like a Scottish and English side so was wandering what English team you favour most?


I like Arsenal but also have a huge soft spot for Leeds where as Liverpool seems to be the choice of everyone else I know.

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Manchester United.



How can you like 3 of the biggest teams in the country who are big rivals? Well except for Leeds these days but they were up there for a bit not to long ago.


Edit, Ok I misread the Liverpool bit. But liking Arsenal and Leeds, 2 big clubs....doesn't seem right.

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Blackburn Rovers. bought a strip fae the bargain basement pile in jjb when i was aboot 8, then they won league couple years later and i thought i was on to a winner.............

Look out for Port Vale simply cos o Premier Manager 97 when i had a great run with them haha

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