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The Dangers Of Being A Premiership Footballers

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SIX Premiership stars are allegedly facing an agonising wait for the results of HIV tests - after all bedding the SAME girl.


It is reported the shocked players took the tests after being told a soccer groupie had found out she was infected.


She apparently had no idea whether she contracted the virus - which causes AIDS - before or after she slept with them all.


The stars, who it's claimed play for three different clubs, cannot be named for legal reasons.


A source said: "All of them are beside themselves with worry. They are all only too aware of the scandal it will cause.


"None of them have let their families know yet because they don't want to worry them.


"It's like a ticking timebomb for them all and would almost certainly end their careers if they have contracted it."


It is believed the infected girl hooked up with the stars after meeting them through her boyfriend. When she split up with him it's said she slept with them over several months.


The girl then apparently found out she was HIV positive when she got back together with her boyfriend and had a test.


She is then believed to have immediately told all her sexual partners she was suffering from the virus that attacks the body's immune system.




Given the sexual "adventures" of Premiership players in recent years something like this was bound to happen.

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